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Letters from Maui


View from the Pali¬† ¬†Even though I was born in Denver Colorado, my earliest memories are of Hawaii. We lived here from 1962-1965. Honolulu to be exact, and from what i found when i came back to the family home, we were dirt poor living in Paradise. We were only blocks from Waikiki Beach and we spent many days on the beach, therein my love for the sea, and i also now know why i love plants so much…..they are all here too.

In this blog I am going to share my travels around the world, the people I meet and the art that happens along the way. There will be albums of past trips when i can, and of course a little of my teaching, dispensed in gentle doses.

Many of you are involved in FaceBook, as am I, but here i hope to get closer to the real artist in me and share without all the other blather. Hope you enjoy.
Over the Sugar Cane fields